Preliminary description of untitled (114” x 82” x 45”) 2002

February 2001

Dear Rick,

The project is approximately 10’ high by 4’ wide by 15’ long. It's an open vertically slated structure of pine boards about 2 1/2” apart. From a distance, the viewer will see an outside wall of wood, but when closer see mirrors inset into the interior side of every board so viewing will be a complex visual experience with extremely deep and shallow space coinciding side by side. On one side, the boards are 6” wide, on the other 5” wide so the intervals from on side to the other are off phase. The viewer won’t be able to physically enter the center space.

Each board unit needs two boards (the exterior board planed to a bit less than 3/4” and the interior framing 1/2” – similar to the units in the gate/pallet sculpture in the show Green Street) so I’m looking at least forty 10’ x 6” and forty 10” x 8” – all 3/4”. And a router table.

I can buy lumber here but I was just hoping East Benton could be in the walls of this structure. If Albert is taking a winter break maybe you have a good lumber yard I can check out. I could come up next week to buy wood?